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Block Thirty Seven, 3rd floor
108 N. State Street
Chicago, IL 60602
Tues-Sat, 12-7p

PHXDM 2011 Exhibition: A Look Back

The Phoenix Design Museum was launched in conjunction with Pivot, the AIGA National Design Conference. During October of 2011, we entertained an audience of about 700, and hosted four local, domestic and international exhibitions. Aside from learning from our mistakes and refining processes, the Chicago Design Museum will be similar in concept and execution to the effort in Phoenix.

The Space
By working with Michael Levine to partially restore the oldest warehouse in Phoenix, we were able to bring the city’s first Design Museum to a location that hadn’t had much foot- traffic in recent memory. By pairing interesting, historical design in a space as dynamic as the historical Phoenix Feed & Seed Capitol Warehouse, we succeeded in our goal of integrating the style of the building’s architecture with the design work, and ultimately brought the work into a new context.

AIGA 365: Design effectiveness competition
Design effectiveness competition
Creativity 40: International awards show
Design For Good: Socially beneficial design solutions
Ken White: Collection from the Museum’s permanent archives