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Chicago, IL 60602
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Support ChiDM on Kickstarter!

We are in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our summer exhibition. We’re 50% through the time we allotted, having raised 32% of our goal with over 170 backers (including many of you!) While I’m extremely proud of our progress, now is the time to build momentum if we’re going to hit our goal by 2 May. (Remember—Kickstarter is all or nothing. If we don’t hit our goal, we won’t receive any funding.)

Let’s do something impossible—rewards for backers of our Kickstarter campaign

Today, I write to humbly ask for your support, in three ways.
Pledging—If you’ve already pledged, thank you! If you’re waiting to pledge, please consider doing so today. Your support will inspire and encourage others. We know there is an army behind this idea, and want to show that when new backers visit the campaign.
Promotion—The promotion so far has been amazing! Through you, we’ve reached our core audience. Now, we need to start moving beyond it. Please consider posting messages on your social media feeds, forwarding this email to friends of design, and helping connect us to communities we have yet to reach. $25 gets us closer to our goal, but another supporter means the world.
Ideas—Perhaps your brother is a writer, your great uncle flies a Skywriter, or your organization can offer rewards to our backers? If you have ideas on how we can better spread the word, please reply to this email. I’m listening!

Sample Twitter post
// Support @ChiDM today as they open a permanent design gallery and archive in Chicago! If you don’t, who will?
// Let’s do something impossible. Support a strong #design legacy by backing @ChiDM on @Kickstarter!

Simple Facebook post
Friends, the Chicago Design Museum is opening a permanent gallery and archive this Summer. They’re crowdfunding the first exhibition in their new home. Please support Chicago’s strong design heritage by pledging to help them reach their goal. Let’s do something impossible.

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done over the last few years to support this organization. It is truly humbling, and it’s been very fun to plan, grow, and design together. On behalf of myself and the board of directors, I thoroughly appreciate your time, energy, enthusiasm, and support.


Executive Director
Chicago Design Museum