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2013 Pop-up Exhibition

Work at Play
June 01–30

Block Thirty Seven
108 North State Street
3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60602

M–S 12pm–08pmM–S 12–8p
Su 12pm–06pmS–Su 12–6p

For many, the compulsion to create is constant. It's unstoppable. Beyond the hours at the office, we create, we make–we play. In an attempt to find our own voice, we may stumble upon a visual language that can speak for and, perhaps, inspire others. This year, we celebrate the blurred line between work and play.

Calendar of Events
Museum Opens June 01 12pm–08pm12–8p
CLA First Thursdays gallery walk June 06 05pm–08pm5–8p
Design Talk: Marian Bantjes June 08 02pm–04pm2–4p RSVP
Design Week Opening Reception June 10 07pm–11pm7–11p RSVP
Adobe: Create Now June 18 06pm–08pm6–8p RSVP
Museum Closes June 30 12pm–08pm12–8p

2013 Exhibitors

Marian Bantjes

Artist Website

Marian Bantjes has been variously described as a typographer, designer, artist and writer. She is, of course, all of these things, and yet, her work is more than just the sum of these parts. One only has to read "I Wonder" to glean something personal about her work, something thoughtful–something undeniably unique. Her work has been published in books and magazines around the world, and it is included in the permanent collection of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York. She is a member of the prestigious international design organization, Alliance Graphique Internationale, or AGI.

John Massey

Artist Website

John is a graduate of the University of Illinois, and worked and lived in Chicago since 1954. Though he has had a celebrated and storied career both as a practitioner of design and an educator, John is perhaps most well known for his time as Director of Design at Container Corporation of America. It was within this capacity that he created the Center for Advanced Research in Design, an effort that specialized in corporate design and communication strategies for major corporations.

Michael C. Place

Artist Website

Michael C. Place studied at Newcastle College, and makes no secret of the fact that he left school early to follow his dream of designing record sleeves. While working at The Designers Republic in Sheffield for 9 years, Michael produced some of their best known and seminal works. Although the work of the firm was always anonymous, Michael became well known amongst their avid followers. In 2000, Michael took a break from the design world and went on a 10-month world trip, returning to found Build in 2001. Michael was featured in the 2007 documentary "Helvetica", has spoken at numerous conferences worldwide, and has judged the prestigious D&AD global awards many times.

Wolfgang Weingart

Artist Website

During his 37-year tenure at the Basel School of Design, Weingart treated his typeshop as both classroom and laboratory. Through experimenting with curved metal rules, embedding lead type in plaster, working with repro cameras to blur, stretch, and cut type, and working with benday and halftone screens, he was not just expanding the practices in which a designer used typography, he was inventing a new visual language. His experimentation spurred countless designers to make a pilgrimage to Switzerland to learn from, and expand upon his work.

Special Exhibition


Everything we see is a cognitive interpretation of the light around us. Often, we blindly trust that what we are seeing is objective–we assume our vision is reality. Yet, sometimes we're forced into the realization that there's a gap between what's actually there, and what we perceive. The truth of vision is that it is subjective, dependent on our point of view. With this insight, we are able to stand outside of our tendency to simply believe what we see and re-examine-review.

Selected Arists