Great Ideas of Humanity: Out of the Container
April 20th – August 18th 2018

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Words Are the Art at a New Exhibit at the Chicago Design Museum

How the Chicago Design Museum’s “Great Ideas of Humanity” Reimagines America’s First Sophisticated Image Advertising Campaign

What’s The Big Idea?

In 1817, English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote: “Language is the armory of the human mind; and at once contains the trophies of its past, and the weapons of its future conquests,” and this still rings true in our complex and divided world. It is essential to celebrate and share the ideas that unite us, inspire us, and caution us; to consider ideas that transcend our individual worldviews and establish a common ground that binds us.

A reimagining of Container Corporation of America’s stunning advertising campaign, Great Ideas of Western Man, Great Ideas of Humanity: Out of the Container highlights a broad spectrum of human thought and reminds us that, sometimes, looking to the past helps to comprehend the present.

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