The Chicago Design Museum is closed while we install our next exhibition, Unfolded. We will reopen on April 5, 2016.


Unfolded: Community Show on Paper
April 5, 2016–July 30, 2016

Now accepting submissions for a community show focused on the creative ways in which designers use paper! Deadline extended: Feb 9

We are undoubtedly living in an era of digital technology, when more and more aspects of our lives are playing out on screens. Yet paper remains unparalleled in its importance and usefulness in design. Today’s designers, artists, and architects rely heavily on paper-based materials in the development, communication, and presentation of their ideas. Inspired by Container Corporation of America’s 1968 exhibition Made with Paper, Unfolded explores the unique properties of paper as a medium, as well as the diverse applications of paper as a means and an end in the work of contemporary designers and artists.

Unfolded highlights the work of the Chicago design community, but also includes contributions from around the world.

Under construction
until April 5, 2016

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